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Tsutsumi Teapots

330ml Mogake Kyusu

330ml Mogake Kyusu

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This teapot was made with a mineral rich clay. The exterior is unglazed. The technique is called MOGAKE. MO means seaweed and GAKE means wrapping in Japanese. As the name suggests, this Kyusu was fired in the kiln while wrapped with seagrass. Salt contained in the seagrass and the ash created the unique pattern due to the chemical reaction. The interior of the teapot has a white glaze. The white glaze will help make the color of the tea being steeped more visible. The soft white glaze also allows some of the natural clay features to come forth. Another benefit of a glazed interior is that the teapot can be used to brew different types of tea, without any concern about the teapot being seasoned by any tea. The teapot lid is measured and trimmed with great precision to ensure that it fits nice and tight. The built in strainer has approximately 250 small holes that are 1 millimeter in diameter. This strainer functions excellent with all teas.

-The driftwood was found at the Eld inlet, Olympia WA. The wood was carved by hand with small chisels and lightly burned, brushed, and sanded. There is a soft texture to it that will stimulate many sensations. The wood is sealed with a thin layer of wood glue to preserve its natural qualities, and it is adhered with a high temp steel reinforced epoxy. 

- Fired in an electric kiln to cone 5 (2118 - 2167 F)

- All Pottery materials are non toxic, lead free, and food safe

- When I am working on these unique teapots, I make sure that I do not create too much disconnection from what is naturally seen in nature. I intentionally avoid covering up all of the natural qualities of the clay. I want the person holding or viewing my work to feel a strong re-connection to earth/nature. 

(feel free to message me if you have any questions or requests)

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